A Message from our CEO

National statistics state that the top three reasons that teens are dying are:

    • Accidental deaths including drug overdoses
    • Suicide
    • Violence

MPOWRD is the most profound and replicable program for teen intervention and prevention today. Its value is a reflection of the fact that MPOWRD was created by teens who were looking for a “better way”, an opportunity for hope. If we listen to their voices; if we follow their guidelines; if we provide the opportunity that they developed for all teens, regardless of social, economic, political or cultural differences, then this generation will be better prepared to meet the challenges that surrounds it, both today and in the future.

“An astonishing one in seven American adolescents and young adults ages 16 to 24 is neither working nor in school; we call such status “disconnected.” This isolation from society’s anchor structures is costly to individuals, communities, and the country as a whole”.                               

One In Seven, Measure of America of the Social Science Research Council

However, there is HOPE.

MPOWRD, developed through the efforts and determination of students, builds communities which establish unconditional support as teens learn personal empowerment and accountability.  Each will gain appreciation of differences and determine that empowerment is about personal choice. Individuals will be treated as integral and equal members.  Teens will learn the value of being completely “present” for one another, committing to a process founded on a higher power of good as recognized within each teen’s perspective.

MPOWRD is the branding for empowerment meetings and is now the official name of our non-profit organization, where unconditional support and profound communication create understanding of self and others.

MPOWRD is centered on the personal belief that each individual has strengths and opportunity that need to be recognized and acknowledged.

MPOWRD is committed to finding hope to find the path to a positive future for every teen without exception.

MPOWRD is about community, a chance to surround each person with unconditional acceptance, support and friendship.

MPOWRD is creating leaders, fellowship, stability, with tools to create positive change within each person while extending hope to all families.

MPOWRD is the voice of our youth offering the potential to create new opportunities while empowering each individual to be the best of who he or she can be.