MPOWRD, an evidence-based empowerment program, offers online training for adult facilitators
within middle and high schools, youth support agencies, clinics and treatment centers, juvenile justice, college campuses, and health and wellness centers.

The four-hour process utilizes modules that review the MPOWRD strategies and content within student teams, who will eventually lead their own peer-to-peer sessions.

These structured and proven meeting formats can be downloaded within the online training.

Their objectives involve progressive and developmental discussions offering opportunities for teen leadership and peer support while instilling healthy life decisions.

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Over 100,000 times a teen has opted to attend an MPOWRD meeting for leadership and prevention.

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About our program
MPOWRD is Dynamic: 
  • Every teen is welcome to MPOWRD meetings. Teens only focus on the catalyst behind the decisions that they make. Their MPOWRD language enables them to discuss their choices without disclosing any specific action.
  • Teens join MPOWRD to address support for self and others. Teens choose to change habits such as:  smoking, drinking, anger issues, putting oneself down, co-dependent relationships, drug use, eating disorders, co-dependency, social phobia, poor attendance, self-mutilation, bullying, etc.
  • Teens who created MPOWRD define addictive behavior as any habit that causes personal harm. It is a universal trait within humanity. No one is perfect. Teens work together to reach personal goals with peer-related unconditional support.
  • Teens only focus on the catalyst behind the decisions that they make. Their MPOWRD language enables them to discuss their choices without disclosing any specific action.
  1. To provide members with a means to change any self-destructive behavior
  2. To educate members about our empowerment program for prevention and intervention
  3. To facilitate meetings where participants can offer peer support and unconditional acceptance
  4. To generate a sense of awareness and honesty in terms of personal healing
  5. To encourage members to seek personal gain through assessment and commitment to personal success
  6. To offer participants a means to communicate both in the group and with parents/family
  7. To discuss personal visions and strategies for developing those skills needed to attain achievement
  8. To ensure that all members understand the significance that each person has in this world as well as the ability to find hope and peace of mind for personal happiness
  • Self-Awareness-honesty with self and others 
  • Self-Management-developing personal vision within a positive future
  • Social-Awareness-learning to lead and to follow
  • Relationship Skills-unconditional peer support
  • Responsible Decision-Making-working through life challenges

Meaningful responses to student infractions include:

  • Opportunities to attend MPOWRD meetings for peer support
  • Redefine projected behavior within positive discussion
  • Develop positive peer relationships
  • Continues transitional support through ongoing meetings
      • Peer-to-Peer support
      • Meeting students where they are at
      • Treating the person as a unique person defined by personal experiences
      • Providing protective factors by forming safe and lasting relationships with trustworthiness and transparency
      • Facilitator always present with structured routine and materials
      • Authentic engagement creating empowerment, voice, and choice
      • Nonjudgmental acceptance and support – creating “the teen culture” where all belong
      • Offers a part of a disposition when a Threat-Management is conducted
      • MPOWRD is a nonprofit organization that will not be used for profiteering.
      • Members will be welcome to meetings as long as each individual shows unconditional respect toward all participants.
      • No one who participate may be identified to the public without permission of the parent and teen.
      • Facilitators will be trained individuals who work with agencies requiring “clearance” and who support teen intervention & prevention.
      • Confidentiality will be maintained unless there is any endangerment or threat involved.
      • Discrimination will not be tolerated. The MPOWRD program was created to serve teens.  Teens and pre-teens can participate in 2B MPOWRD within middle school programs.  Young adults (18-24) will be introduced to M-Squared.
      1. Protecting the integrity and fidelity of the MPOWRD program as developed through teen input and validated through research
      2. Educating youth about personal empowerment, positive behavioral changes, steps for healing, meeting personal challenges, and outreach to others
      3. Providing program development through training and practicum which provide implementation and procedural strategies manage the program with fidelity and ease