January 2018

The Yavapai/Apache community has committed to an MPOWRD training for their community.

They hope to utilize all three programs (MPOWRD, 2B MPOWRD and Msquared) by the end of February.

January 2017

Certification was awarded to Native American leader Shawn Namoki, whose dedication to Native Youth has provided MPOWRD meetings within the support of the Hopi Foundation.

The first training in Holyoak, Massachusetts was held under the Mass Mutual grant. Five schools in Hampden County, Massachusetts will be offering the MPOWRD Leadership Program in the Fall.

June 2017

2B MPOWRD for middle school is officially published after being tested within middle school populations in the Phoenix area for the past two years.

Msquared for young adults is now available for youth advocates. (ages 18-24)

December 2017

Anaheim School District in Orange County trains social workers from ten high schools and four middle schools.

November 2016

Teen Addiction Anonymous’ MPOWRD Leadership Program was awarded a $100,000 grant through the Mass Mutual Community Impact Grant and a $50,000 grant for Orange County to provide MPOWRD scholarship opportunities in both Massachusetts and California.

October 2016

The Bashas’ Art Gallery hosted a private showing to help Teen AA raise funds for MPOWRD scholarships for Native Youth organizations. The celebration included honoring the advocacy of Michael Allison as a proponent for Native Youth support.

August 2016

MPOWRD facilitator training program was held in Flagstaff for representatives supporting our Native Youth.

June 2016

MPOWRD Teen Ambassadors were invited to adress Flagstaff, Arizona community members who were interested in investing in supporting our Native Youth.

AJDC awarded Teen AA’s MPOWRD Leadership Program with their 2016 Outstanding Community Partner Award.

March 2016

Michael Allison, Native American Liaison for the Arizona Department of Health, and the Cultural Competency Directors meet to discuss the MPOWRD program for Native teen outreach.

Teen Ambassadors from Millenium High School lead a panel presentation to Native Health Representatives.

January 2016

Arizona State University commits to the exploration and development of a logic model for the  MPOWRD Leadership and Prevention Program.

November 2015

Argosy University completes evidence-based research at Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections investigating why juveniles choose Teen Addiction Anonymous as their favorite group “behind the fence.”

October 2015

Teen Addiction Anonymous re-brands program meetings to MPOWRD for Leadership and Prevention.

August 2015

A conference with Kids at Hope and Teen Addiction Anonymous creates outreach in behalf of Native Youth, their voices and their communities.

Read here about Dr. Covey recognizing four Arizona teens as Teen AA Ambassadors.


Social Venture Partner Award winner –

  • Judges Award
  • Audience Award


Teen Addiction Anonymous breaks ground in training both Paradise Valley School District and Phoenix Union HSD.

Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections invests in Teen AA – trains staff and utilizes programs in their facilities


AA World Services has no objections to Teen AA’s modified 12 steps as used within the context of its program.

Efforts in Washington DC earn written endorsements of Teen Addiction Anonymous by Congressman Brian Baird (WA) and Congressman John Shadegg (AZ).


Teen Addiction Anonymous officially becomes a non profit organization representing the voices of the teens who conceptualized and built this program.