MPOWRD times MPOWRD, the Ultimate Challenge to Lead

This program originated from our 18 year old young adults, who wanted a transitional opportunity for meetings once they left high school.  The format of the meetings is the same, but the attendees will be specific to ages 18 through 24, and can transition into MPOWRD for Life.

The curriculum within the  MPOWRD program has proven to be relative to all ages, from teens to young adults, and is translated by each individual to fit a particular time in life.  Therefore, each question and discussion is translated within the community that comes together to offer support and share life experiences.

Guidelines for meetings:

1-There must be a trained facilitator at each meeting.  This person is responsible to make sure that the program is followed as designed and that the fidelity is in place.   This gives the organization a chance to publicize where meetings are being held, to offer assistance when needed, and to maintain the consistency of the program for ongoing support.

2-Leadership for meetings is transferred throughout the group as formally designed.  Once a person has attended several meetings, and feels comfortable leading the group, leadership becomes an opportunity.

3-Meetings must be held through an organization, such as:  a college or university, a faith-based organization, a state agency for behavioral health support, or a community support agency.  This rule is in place to assure the consistency and reliability of meetings.

4-M-Squared is an opportunity for young adults to create a momentum of positive change as young leaders.   Meetings will provide the opportunity to “stand up and be heard,” to be part of a positive change for their own generation, and to lead all youth to a vision of opportunity and hope.

This group is also encouraged to create their own subject areas for meetings.  Once the concept is written to fit into the meeting format (the reading and questions), it must be submitted to the MPOWRD organization for final approval and to add to the suggested list for other young adult groups.

MPOWRD for Life

For community members within the 25 plus age bracket, MPOWRD for Life is an opportunity to create a continuation of  M-Squared, which utilizes both the MPOWRD format and content, but gives participants a chance to develop their own subjects, readings and questions (2 person, group and cohesion).

 MPOWRD for Life would be offered as a continuation for ages 25 through life. This opportunity would: create engagement between adults and seniors to combine the initiative of the young with the wisdom of the experienced. It would also encourage broadening the subject areas for discussion and enable MPOWRD for Life to become a collaboration of younger minds with those who are more experienced. It would enhance personal empowerment as a lifelong commitment to learning within the premise of mutual understanding and unconditional support.

MPOWRD for Life may also provide opportunities for discussion within specific groups, such: mental health, incarcerated adults, senior communities, business groups, leadership fields, while educating groups about the need for social-emotional awareness.

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