How it Works

MPOWRD leadership meetings are formed on campus to address those teens who request emotional support in a safe setting.  The administration needs to lead the way by selecting the most professional and skilled facilitators to engage teens in the program.  Their objective will then be to create an optimal setting for peer-to-peer support within the guidelines and concepts offered in the MPOWRD manual. This manual can be downloaded during the online training.  Meetings follow the prepared guidelines for each week with minimal preparation required by the facilitator.

Teens will learn communication and listening skills while reflecting upon personal choices that promote a healthier and more productive life.  Building future goals and learning how to achieve them will be the ultimate reward as teens become empowered to believe in self and each other.

YOU can make MPOWRD meetings a reality in your school and community!

Begin Now!

  1. Read through the entire MPOWRD website and become an expert on this program.
  2. Approach your school administration or community youth support agencies bringing this concept into your SEL (Social, Emotional Learning) efforts. Introduce them to the website as well.
  3. Find committed and qualified staff who are willing to be trained as facilitators of MPOWRD leadership meetings.
  4. Educate staff, teens and parents about this opportunity, where every student will have a voice and a place to belong. By becoming an advocate for this opportunity, you will empower teens to face their challenges within peer-to-peer support.