MPOWRD has won numerous awards and has continued to be proven as a dynamic and impactful program instigating positive decision-making and personal empowerment through evidence-based research and university exploratory studies.

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Community Support

MPOWRD has been truly fortunate to have such a powerful community of volunteers, parents and professionals supporting our efforts. We thank them for their commitment to youth. Through a united effort, we can stop the momentum and destruction of addictive behavior, while providing opportunity and hope for this generation by giving them a voice.

NOTE: Teen Addiction Anonymous is the founding corporate name of the organization. In 2015, through the leadership of our teens, the program name was re-branded to MPOWRD.  Teens felts that this name, MPOWRD, reflected their personal journey and discovery.

MPOWRD does not have any connection with 12 step programs nor do its meetings reflect the same ideology.  MPOWRD is an interactive empowerment program for teens who commit to developing positive peer relationships and optimal leadership skills.

Letters of Recommendation-refer to the original name of the program (Teen AA), since rebranded to MPOWRD

Dr. Don Covey, Superintendent of Maricopa County Schools
It is with great confidence that I recommend Teen Addiction Anonymous (Teen AA) (MPOWRD) as an effective, transitional program for teens, who are part of the court system…View the entire letter

Charles Flanagan,
 Former Agency Director, Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections is currently partnering with Teen Addiction Anonymous to provide twelve step addictions programming to youth in the secure care facility and in the community on parole supervision. Youth who have participated in the Teen Addiction Anonymous (MPOWRD) program have displayed motivation… View the entire letter

Rick Miller
, President of Kids at Hope
I am honored to support the application of Teen Addiction Anonymous (MPOWRD) . I have witnessed firsthand the power of TAA and the visionary and committed leadership of Sue Rothery, its executive director…
View the entire letter

Debi Neat
, Safe and Drug Free School Trainer, Phoenix Union High School District
I am writing this letter of support for Teen Addiction Anonymous (Teen AA) (MPOWRD) as they pursue grants and or donations to improve adolescent health and the prevention of health risk behaviors in the community…. View the entire letter

Kim Obert
, Heartbroken Parent of Kent Edwards (4/4/85 – 9/22/03)
“When did our children become expendable?” When Susan Rothery of Teen AA made that statement, an alarm went off in my head and I asked myself: When had our children become expendable? View the entire letter


Letters of support are in reference to Teen AA’s MPOWRD program.