To date, there have been over 20,000 times a teen has opted to attend meetings for support and outreach.

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A student, who had a probation officer since the age of 14 and was turning 17 this year, had been “in and out” of juvenile corrections for four years. The judge, whom he had appeared before many times, was completely frustrated with his inability to pass a sobriety or drug test in over three years. Despite many efforts by family and friends, he simply couldn’t find the stamina not to drink and use drugs. After three months of MPOWRD meetings, he went to court, passed the tests, came in with records of good attendance and was on his way to graduation. The judge asked him what change was going on life. The student attributed these changes to his attendance and commitment to MPOWRD meetings. He thanked his peers at the next meeting for their support. His victory became theirs as well.


Louis had an addiction to cocaine that started at the age of 13 and he began attending meetings at the age of 14. He had since admitted that he had not touched coke since he started MPOWRD meetings. This was after he had attended seven months of meetings. His parents were well aware of his addiction since he had stolen thousands of dollars from them to support his habit. He took great pride in his attendance at meetings, found a new sense of peace and found a job in the community.


A 17 year old girl just had her first week of sobriety from alcohol in two years. This occurred after just three meetings. Since both of her parents are alcoholics, she assumed that she had no choice in life but to follow in their footsteps, until she joined MPOWRD meetings. She expressed that she found something about herself that finally felt valuable.


A 16 year old girl, who was sent to the office at least four out of five days each week, for raging and disrespectful behavior to both peers and staff, was suggested to try MPOWRD meetings by her teacher, and has never returned for disciplinary measures for the rest of the school year. She had found her own sense of peace and has learned how to communicate with others, including her family.


Note: Teen names have been changed to protect anonymity.