Steps for Healing

Teens insisted that they have a plan of action to find healing and support when they were looking for answers in life.  They chose these steps as a commitment toward personal power and positive life decisions. Today MPOWRD’s teens consider these steps as the most valuable part of their program.

Step 1: I admit that I am powerless over a problem that is controlling my life.

Step 2: I have found a power that is greater than me that can restore my sense of peace.

Step 3: I agree to turn my will over to a higher power as I define it.

Step 4: I will make a fearless and honest review of my life, my values, and my goals.

Step 5: I admit to a higher power, to myself and to another human being, what was wrong with my choices.

Step 6: I am committed to having my addictive behavior removed by a commitment to a higher power.

Step 7: I humbly ask my higher power to be with me as a constant reminder toward any unhealthy decisions that I make in life.

Step 8: I will make a list of all the people whom I have hurt and will make peace with them.

Step 9: I will return to others what is owed them as long as it would not cause them harm.

Step 10: I will continue to evaluate my own actions and admit to myself what choices were wrong.

Step 11: I will continue to commit to my higher power through meditation and reflection, as I work through my challenges.

Step 12: As I continue my journey in healing,  I will share these steps with others while continuing to make them a part of my life.

While the MPOWRD Steps for Healing were inspired by the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, they are not an adaptation. Rather they were created specifically for MPOWRD, and should not be construed otherwise. A.A. is a program concerned only with recovery from alcoholism, and is not affiliated with MPOWRD, our meetings or principles. 

Serenity Pledge

Teens decided to commit to this pledge at every meeting.  The teen founders specifically asked to begin their meetings with this commitment to the power of good as defined by each individual. Teens also opted to hold hands within their meeting circle as they made this pledge together.
 Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.