The mission of MPOWRD is to empower all youth to believe in, to focus upon, and to commit to positive personal success through the MPOWRD Leadership and Prevention Program. 

MPOWRD, an evidence-based peer to peer intervention, offers online training for qualified adult facilitators within middle and high schools, youth support programs, clinic and treatment centers, juvenile justice systems, college campuses, along with health and wellness agencies.

MPOWRD’s strategies provide empowering opportunities through peer discussion and problem-solving within healthy life decision making.

MPOWRD’s four-hour online training utilizes modules to teach this structured and integrative process with certification available for professionals in approved settings.

MPOWRD’s weekly meeting materials can be downloaded within the training process and have been prepared for immediate use upon the start of this program.

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M = The focus is on ME.


POWRD = We will all move forward.

No E’s in MPOWRD = 

No Exceptions to creating equal opportunity for hope and personal success!

No Exclusions to building a peer community of unconditional support!

No Exemptions to taking personal responsibility to build a better today for myself and others!

Evidence-based and Research driven 

SEL-Social Emotional Learning

inclusive of: Restorative and Trauma-informed Practices

MPOWRD is a Dynamic, Integrated, Experiential Opportunity for Youth.

Learning, Practicing and Processing

ALL TEENS will lead meetings.

ALL TEENS share unconditional support.

ALL TEENS are empowered to discover personal worth within self and others.

Resources for Parents and Teens who need immediate support:     


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Learn about this unprecedented teen-generated program!
MPOWRD ONLINE TRAINING is now available with MPOWRD certification providing curriculum  for certified staff and youth program directors.

CYBER MPOWRD – MPOWRD teens in action! 

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Teens address bullying issues through testimonies and peer validation.

Progressive Teen Development

Empowering Teens to Lead
Defining Productive Behavior
Identifying a plan of action for proactive healing
Addressing personal challenges
Finding opportunity to “give back” as the greatest form of empowerment

Community Support and Sponsorships

It takes a commitment from our community to insure that all youth and young adults have support!

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