The mission of Teen Addiction Anonymous is to empower all youth to believe in, to focus upon, and to commit to positive personal success through our proven

MPOWRD Leadership and Prevention Program. 

Welcome to the Teen Culture!

ALL TEENS have a voice.

ALL TEENS share unconditional support.

ALL TEENS are empowered to Lead, to have a VOICE and to find HOPE.

— Teens and Young Adults —

— Partnership for Drug-free Kids —



Teens speak for empowerment against bullying!


MPOWRD Community Model
for Health and Wellness
Teen Leadership and Prevention
Collective Impact within
youth support network
Leveraging interests and resources
Matching collaborative missions
Connecting through service and transition


MPOWRD teens show
higher graduation rates
MPOWRD teens initiate
leadership strategies on campus
MPOWRD teens build communities where teens face challenges together
MPOWRD teens are empowered


Support teens on your campus by bringing the MPOWRD site to your administration.
Facilitator training is available for school districts, juvenile systems,
and community outreach.
Insure that every teen has a place to meet challenges and support peers.

Community Support and Sponsorships

It takes a commitment from our community to insure that all youth and young adults have support!

Training Dates


Make sure to check back regularly to stay up to date on the latest in our MPOWRD Community!


CYBER MPOWRD Youtube Channel Celebrate with us as we release our first Cyber Mpowrd YouTube Video! What is CYBER MPOWRD? MPOWRD, a teen-generated program, has created the YouTube station, CYBER MPOWRD, to support teens throughout the Read more…

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