An adolescent program for building:

Confidence-Awareness-Positive Decisions

2B MPOWRD provides materials for middle school age-appropriate discussion groups initiating youth into the process of interactive listening.  This program provides a weekly skillset with proof of concept as youth exchange ideas, create presentations and learn to support one another.

2B MPOWRD includes the following topics:

BOOK ONEcovers development of communication skills while building confidence.  Subjects include:

  • Who am I? – Changes in Life – Communication – Habits – Families
    Fear – Friends – Generosity – Bullies – Pay it Forward

BOOK TWOcovers understanding adolescent challenges.  Subjects include:

  • Believing in Me – What does depression feel like? – Anger – Denial – Anxiety
    Am I the Bully? – Who knows loneliness? – Free to be original – Losses in life – Loyalty

BOOK THREEcovers transitioning into positive leadership and healthy decisions.  Subjects include:

  • Action Plan – Addictive Behavior –  Balance in Life – MPOWRD is Empowered 
    What can I control?-What is a Leader- Higher Power – Prejudice – Love yourself – Letting go