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Individual Training=$1,250.00

Inclusive of:

17 Educational Modules-Approximately 4 hours of Training

*Ongoing Q & A responses required during training

MPOWRD meeting curriculum prepared for downloading

Ongoing Consulting with weekly Conference Communication opportunities

Certificate of Completion-Professional Hours (4)

Certification in MPOWRD training and facilitation*

*Implementation of MPOWRD meetings are required before certification is granted.

MPOWRD training covers:  middle school (2B MPOWRD) and young adult (M-Squared) programs

2nd person Training=$1,250.00

Advantages for offering training to additional staff:

  • Engage additional staff in the educational process of MPOWRD for teen references and support
  • Include these training hours for staff professional development and/or workshops
  • Add other support staff (additional counselors, school nurse, psychologist, social worker, etc.) to implement MPOWRD support groups

Schools with invested staff in MPOWRD increase the possibilities for higher attendance, reduction of behavioral issues and greater academic success.

Program Sustainability:

1. MPOWRD meets all cultural and socio-economic norms.

2. Certification may be utilized within other locations.

3. New sites may choose to add more facilitators and invest in staff training with the above fees.

Middle School curriculum is available to be downloaded in the MPOWRD training for certification.

Register for Online Training