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Participant Ages and MPOWRD programs

  • 11 – 13 —          2B MPOWRD             developing skills for communication
  • 14 – 18 —          MPOWRD                  the challenge to lead
  • 18 – 24 —          M-Squared                     the ultimate challenge to lead


  • Teens may attend meetings to find personal support for any reason.
  • Teen may have specific reasons to be reaching out for support. Examples include: eating disorders, smoking, drinking, raging, bullying, putting yourself down, allowing yourself to be a victim, being a perfectionist, poor attendance, lack of following through, poor coping skills, cutting, etc.
  • Confidentiality is a significant focus at every meeting.
  • Steps for Healing provide guidelines toward creating an action plan.
  • Interactive discussion and support are the basis of the curriculum.
  • Leadership for each meeting will be shared among members.
  • Program guidelines must be followed in order for program success.
  • Unconditional respect is required.
  • Teens address social and emotional learning.
  • Community is built where teens find a place to “belong”.

MPOWRD Training Program

Facilitators must be certified and trained in youth outreach with certified background checks required within each organization.  Ideally two facilitators should be trained from each location to provide “back-up” to meetings. These facilitators not only ensure the continuity of meetings but also provide a support system for each other.

Program Regulations:

MPOWRD training is available to: coalitions, high school staff, behavioral health providers, juvenile detention services, and other youth support agencies requiring clearance to work with youth.  Certification will be granted when the program begins at the site location and MPOWRD is notified.

For further information about bringing the MPOWRD training program to your community, contact our office through:  [email protected]