All discussions in MPOWRD meetings focus on “what caused me to make the decision that I chose” and NOT on any illegal substance or activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is MPOWRD different from other teen programs?
MPOWRD is the first program created by teens and young adults that utilizes progressive steps for healing within the structured meeting format.

2. Who can join MPOWRD?
Any teen between the ages of 13-18 are welcome to join the program depending on the availability of meetings at a specific site.  2B MPOWRD is available for middle school and M-Squared is available for young adults, ages 18-24.

3. Can all schools utilize is program?

Yes.  The success of MPOWRD is dependent on the passion of the facilitators and administration in implementing a supportive social-emotional platform.

5. Who joins the meetings?
Teens may join for any reason, but it has to be by choice.  Teens may continue to attend meetings as long as they mutual respect to peers and the adult facilitator.

6. Who runs the meetings?
An adult facilitator is always present because MPOWRD is inclusive of minors, however, the entire objective of this organization is to turn the meetings over to teens.

7. How do we let parents know about this program?
Parents need to be informed about MPOWRD’s objectives so that they understand that if their child chooses to participate in the program, it indicates a student’s interest in committing to positive change.

8.. Why don’t teens discuss personal addictions in the group?
Teens decided that discussing an addiction or an addictive behavior, such as smoking, was a “trigger.”  Teens opted to focus on “why” we make the decisions that we do.

9. What about middle school preteens/teens and young adults?

MPOWRD was the original program developed for high school teens.  2B MPOWRD was then created with a format to address this level of maturation.  M-Squared for young adults (18-24) is also available for young adults.