The reason that I got into meetings at school is to hear about everyone’s experiences and to remind myself on a weekly basis to stay away from the stuff I used to do.

“This group gives you the confidence to stop and to talk to people who are going through the same things that you are.”

I think that MPOWRD meetings are helpful because it gives you the mindset to stay off drugs. When you need a voice to hear you out, it really helps. It is cool to have people around you to help you through your troubles.

MPOWRD shows kids that do have problems, that they aren’t losers. That is what most of them feel. Especially the kids who want to quit. They feel alone in their struggle for sobriety and want peace with the life that they live.

“These meetings give students a chance to share a part of themselves they normally wouldn’t, and with people who are on the same page as them. It gives them support and a sense of security.