Thoughts about MPOWRD

“The reason that I got into MPOWRD meetings at school is to hear about everyone’s experiences and to remind myself to never give up on what I believe in. It’s a place where I find peace and can feel safe.”

“At first I saw MPOWRD groups as just another group. But once I got a chance to really get to know the kids who came every week and share my own feelings, I really felt a part of something.  We seemed united and cared about each other.  This group gives you the confidence to talk to people who are going through the same things that you are.”

“I think that MPOWRD meetings helped me because it gives you a mindset to think twice before you make a decision.  There’s not a time when I am away from meetings, thinking about what I plan to do with my friends, that MPOWRD isn’t right there on my back.  I hear the voices from my group sharing our stories and I want to make better decisions in my life.”

MPOWRD shows kids that we all have problems and that we aren’t losers. That is what most of us feel at least a part of every day.  The meetings help me decide what I want for myself.  It’s showed me how to get things off my chest and be honest with where I’m at.”

MPOWRD meetings give students a chance to share a part of themselves they normally wouldn’t, and with people who are on the same page as them.  I feel support at meetings no matter what I share.”

MPOWRD gives me a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  I’m able to see that I can actually help another person and that I shouldn’t keep everything to myself.”

MPOWRD has taught me that I can’t change yesterday, but I can start again today.  And today is what matters.”