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Our Mission

The mission of MPOWRD is to empower all youth
to believe in, to focus upon, and to commit to positive personal success
through the MPOWRD leadership and prevention program.

The Reality

The top three reasons that teens are dying in our nation:
accidental deaths (inclusive of overdoses), homicide and suicide.

The Nation

The top twenty-five metropolitan cities indicate, as described in the article “One in Seven”, that one out of every seven young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 are not working not in school. — Measures in America research

It is time to provide safe communities with unconditional peer support.

It is time to commit to the lives of this generation.


  • support MPOWRD online training scholarships for schools and youth centers in your area
  • support CYBER MPOWRD productions by sharing this site with teens in all communities
  • support MPOWRD outreach as we educate communities about the value of this program and the need to instill hope without exception 

Every dollar donated will be used toward saving the life of a child.
MPOWRD focuses on Social, Emotional Learning with opportunity to develop leadership and positive health decisions.

  •  Donations to MPOWRD will be used to expand MPOWRD outreach to teen communities in our schools.

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MPOWRD is a nonprofit organization and has a 501c3 Status.

All donations are tax deductible.

Please include your name and address, so that we may issue you a receipt.

For more information contact: 
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